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Certified Canine Stylist

Michelle attended a canine grooming program and then apprenticed with a master groomer. She has been grooiming for since 2010 and is continually learning and improving her skills. She is familiar with the various breeds and the differences in their hair/coat types. Michelle enjoys working with all animals and prides herself in bringing out the best look for our clients fur baby's

Michelle has 3 dogs, 2 horses, 1 cat, and when she is not busy grooming, she spends time with her beloved pets: Oliver, Tika, Koia, Sonya, Willow and Luna

To make life a little easier for our daycare/overnight clients, Sprockett's is very happy to provide grooming services. For those dogs taking part in our daycare/overnight service, when they get groomed at Sprockett's they will just go for their one on one appointment and then get right back into the daycare to play. For walk in clients you have the option of signing your dog up to take part in daycare or just dropping them off for their appointment and picking them up when they are done. No long wait times in a crate for your babies.

Typical appointments take 1.5-2 hours for a full groom from start to finish. Call 204-233-7332 to book your appointment, your dog will love it!

You can also book an appointment, via our Contact form.


Breed Full Groom Trim & Tidy Bath
Price is based on what breed dog most resembles for coat and size Nails, bath, Deshed, coat cut When dog does not require a full groom but needs a touchup Nail trim, bath, blowout, and brushout
Alaskan Malamute$100$90$85
American Eskimo$55$45$40
Australian Shepherd$65$55$50
Bedlington Terrier$55-$65$45-$55$40-$55
Bernese Mountain Dog$100$90$85
Bichon Frise$50$40$35
Border Collie$65$55$50
Boston Terrier$45$35$30
Bouvier des Flandres$100$90$85
Cairn Terrier$50$40$35
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel$50$40$35
Chihuahua (smooth)$35$25$20
Chinese Shar-Pei (smooth)$55$45$40
Clumber Spaniel$65$55$50
Cocker Spaniel$55$45$40
Dachshund (smooth)$45$35$30
Doberman Pinscher$55$45$40
English Setter$75$65$60
English Springer Spaniel$65$55$50
Fox Terrier (smooth)$45$35$30
Fox Terrier (wire)$50$40$35
German Shepherd$75$65$60
German Shorthaired Pointer$55$45$40
Giant Schnauzer$85$75$70
Golden Retriever$65$65$50
Gordon Setter$65$55$50
Great Dane$70$60$55
Great Pyrenees$110$100$95
Irish Setter$75$65$60
Irish Terrier$65$55$50
Jack Russel Terrier (smooth)$45$35$30
Kerry Blue Terrier (smooth)$65$55$50
Labrador Retriever$60$50$45
Lakeland Terrier$50$40$35
Lhasa Apso$50$40$35
Miniature Poodle$50$40$35
Miniature Schnauzer$50$40$35
Old English Sheepdog$100$90$85
Portuguese Water Dog$75$65$60
Rhodeisan Ridgeback$65$55$50
Rough Collie$85$75$70
Saint Bernard (smooth)$100$90$85
Scottish Terrier$50$40$35
Shetland Sheepdog (sheltie)$60$50$45
Shiba Inu$55$45$40
Shih Tzu$50$40$35
Siberian Husky$75$65$60
Smooth Collie$60$50$45
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier$65$55$50
Standard Poodle$85$75$70
Standard Schnauzer$65$55$50
Tibetan Terrier$60$50$45
Toy Poodle$50$40$35
Welsh Corgi$55$45$40
Welsh Terrier$50$40$35
West Highland White Terrier$50$40$35
Yorkshire Terrier$50$40$35
Other Fees
Nail Trims: $10
Mixed Breeds: Price is based on what breed dog most resembles for coat and size
Dematting/Brush outs: $10/15mins in excess of what is normal for regular grooming
Bite Fee: $20 per bite
Deshed Treatment: $10 extra 15mins, special shampoo/conditioner to help remove undercoat
No Show/Late Cancellation Fee: $20

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