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Events are on hold until further notice due to COVID-19.

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support!!!

Keep healthy and safe!

Too bad the highest rating is only 5 stars. One of my dogs the 23rd member of Sprocketts, and I have another darling there now - I cannot express enough how wonderful this facility is. The staff is absolutely fabulous, the building and everything concerning every part of it is absolutely immaculate all the time, and the staff truly truly love dogs. I have always highly recommended Sprockett's for anyone looking for an absolutely top notch facility for their dogs. Have left my first little one there for about 10 days once while I was out of the country and she did just wonderfully - dogs are never left alone, someone is always there even for sleep-overs and I truly believe that I could never want for more - to me they are the best doggy care business I've ever seen. I definitely give Sprockett's 5 stars and would go higher if I could.

Gimli G

Facebook East Review

December, 2019