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To make life a little easier for our daycare/overnight clients, Sprockett's is very happy to provide grooming services. For those dogs taking part in our daycare/overnight service, when they get groomed at Sprockett's they will just go for their one on one appointment and then get right back into the daycare to play.

For walk in clients you have the option of signing your dog up to take part in daycare or just dropping them off for their appointment and picking them up when they are done. No long wait times in a crate for your babies.

Typical appointments take 1.5-2 hours for a full groom from start to finish. We take appointments Monday to Saturday at both locations, book early to get the time and day you want.

Clients will be asked to complete the Sprockett's Doggy Day Camp Inc. Client Grooming Agreement form.

Our Groomers


Senior Canine Specialist

Brennly joined Sprockett’s in November of 2020 and grooms primarily out of our East (975 Thomas). She has been in the grooming industry since 2010 and has been involved with dogs her whole life. She has a wide range of experience from corporate salon management, home based salons as well as some high end salons in Regina, there isn’t much Brennly hasn’t done with regards to grooming. She loves the creativity and one on one connections with all the dogs she meets.

Brennly is Fear Free Certified and loves working with senior pets, young puppies and pets that require a little something extra to ensure every visit is a positive experience.

Brennly has fostered dogs for Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue as well as CC RezQ Regina. During her time in Saskatchewan, Brennly spent many days involved with frontline rescue work in the communities around Regina and Saskatoon.


Senior Canine Specialist

Nichole joined the Sprockett's Team in July of 2019. She grooms primarily out of our West (360 Keewatin) location but does one day a week at our East (975 Thomas) location as well. Nichole loves to dabble in creative grooms with colouring or unique styles and patterns so please don’t hesitate to request anything new! Your pup will love the extra attention for having a unique feature as well!

Nichole has been in the dog industry since 2014. In addition to grooming, she has volunteered at animal hospitals and The Canadian Animal Blood Bank. She has managed a dog daycare and been a canine stylist at other facilities and holds an animal nutrition certificate through her work in a pet retail store. She loves extending her knowledge and expertise in animal care.

Nichole’s goal at Sprockett's is to provide every pup and pawrent with a two paws up experience!


Junior Canine Specialist

Kayla joined Sprockett's in October of 2013 as a daycare attendant and has expanded her all-around dog skills over the years. She began her journey into the field of grooming in 2017 and continues to perfect her grooming style with each new request she gets. Kayla strives to make every dog’s grooming experience with her the best it can be and takes her time when needed to ensure that happens. Kayla primarily grooms out of our East (975 Thomas) location.

Kayla also enjoys being a jack of all trades by helping owners and their dogs as one of our trainers for our puppy and good manners classes. Kayla enjoys working with dogs of all types and enjoys helping dogs, and their owners, in her community.



Ashleigh joined the Sprockett’s family in December of 2019 and found her passion and love for the dog industry. She primarily grooms out of our East (975 Thomas) location.

Ashleigh is one of Sprockett’s up and coming groomers who is currently honing and expanding her skills to become a Junior Canine Specialist. She started off and still is currently working as a daycare attendant with the dogs at Sprockett’s and brings this experience to the grooming table.

Ashleigh is enthusiastic and wants to provide your pups with a pawsitive, loving and comfortable experience for their spaw day! Ashleigh strives to go the extra mile to try to make sure your pups look their best, she is a learns quickly and always does her best to put out quality work. Ashleigh is patient and kind and always puts your dogs first!

Ashleigh’s goal at Sprockett’s is to make each groom is a fun, happy and enjoyable experience for your dogs so they can look forward to coming to see her!



Kendra joined Sprockett's as a daycare attendant in August of 2018. In 2020, she joined our grooming team and primarily grooms out of our West (360 Keewatin) location.

Kendra's years with Sprockett's have allowed her to form strong bonds with many of the dogs she grooms. As "mom" to an anxious pooch herself, Kendra knows firsthand how important it is to find the right groomer. Kendra loves working with nervous dogs, and her calm and patient demeanour never fails to put shy pups at ease.

Kendra is committed to giving every dog a paw-sitive grooming experience!

Best thing that ever happened to Desi - from being alone 4 days a week for 11 hours to a full day to make friends and learn what it is to be a puppy. Wonderful place - have highly recommended it to everyone that I have met who has a dog - clean, well run, dogs love it there; if Desi wants to just be held, someone actually cuddles with her...Wonderful experience for her.

Pat F

Facebook Review

June, 2012